Clean boi

Don't touch the clean boi.

[Our concept was] family.
— Alpha

Athlon Alpha is one of Kyle Hughes's three racing Athlons, along with Beta and Theta. Alpha is a clean freak and is always extremely careful about avoiding dirt, mud or anything else that could leave a blemish. He's kind and thoughtful, but is so busy coping with his OCD that he sometimes comes across as inattentive or careless. Alpha represents the insecure side of Kyle's personality. [1]

Alpha is used specifically for races where speed is required, rushing through and preferring dodging over blocking in combat.

He can combine with Beta and Theta to form Athlon Champion, and Beta, Theta, Tornado, Valkan, and Rocky to form Athlon Magma 6.


Voice Actor: 이승원/Lee Sung-won, who previously voiced Neon in Tobot and Reo in Biklonz (Korean), Ian Hanlin (English), more...






Alpha is the fastest of the Athlons, and thus prefers a combat style of fast dodging and quick attacks. While going through obstacles, Alpha has an Inline Mode that allows him to skate through rows of roadblocks. Though initially weaponless, Alpha later gains the Photon Blasters, which he can use to fire projectiles.

Alpha's moveset is as follows:

  • Photon Boost

Alpha's spurt skill. It allows Alpha to accelerate at high speeds, used best on a straight path. Though mostly season 1-exclusive, Alpha used Photon Boost once during the first episode of season 2 to intercept a ball during Robot Dodgeball.

  • Photon Storm

Alpha's signature move. Alpha creates a burst of wind that doesn't deal damage but stops all mechanical motion for 5-10 seconds.


Athlon Alpha toy

If Toy Story rules applied, many Alphas would scream in agony from the nightmares of kids bashing, scratching, mishandling, breaking, and scraping them against other toys in hard, scratchy toy boxes like a kids toy.

  • Athlon Alpha/애슬론 알파 (2016)

Alpha transforms simply and has limited arm articulation and moderate leg articulation. Matching his personality, Alpha's plastic quality is noticeably smoother than that of Beta's or Theta's. Pushing the back of his head triggers a spring that releases a slot in his stomach, where the Mind Core can be inserted.

  • Minipop Alpha/미니팝 알파 (2016)

Instead of the usual mini Tobots, Young Toys opted to release one-button transforming "Minipop" toys for Kyle's Athlon trio. Minipop Alpha, as well as Beta and Theta, transforms from a car to a robot at the press of a button, but lacks all articulation except a slight bend in the elbow. The backdrop in the box can be used as a display in bot mode or a ramp in car mode.

A white Alpha with metallic red stripes forms the torso and head of Champion.

A yellow Alpha with black stripes forms the left arm of Magma 6.


  • Diecasting Minicar Athlon Alpha/ 애슬론 알파 다이캐스팅 미니카 (2016)

Produced by the toy company Mica, this is a non-transforming die-cast car with opening doors and a pullback motor.

  • Touch and Go Athlon Alpha/터치앤고 애슬론 알파 (2016)

A non-transforming, electronic car that requires 3 AAA batteries. Pressing buttons in various places makes various sounds, and pressing the 1 on the hood makes it drive forward.









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