Who do you think you're showing your power off to? This is what real power is!
— Champion

He's a macho boi.

Slick and powerful, Athlon Champion ('챔피언)' is the combination Kyle Hughes's Athlon Tobots: Athlon Alpha, Athlon Beta, and Athlon Theta. Champion's personality is strong and courageous, and boasts incredible strength. A brusque and confident character, he projects aspects of all the personalities he's comprised of. [1]

He is the first combiner robot to participate in the Robot Dodgeball tournament in years.


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Champion is loud, proud, and full of justice. He's pretty boastful of his power, but will rush to save others in times of danger.



In Robot Dodgeball, Champion can catch throws with enough strength to damage regular robots with ease, and shoot with unprecedented strength with his signature Victory Shot, a throw so powerful that when Rocky tried to catch it by him self, he flew backwards and snapped his shovel. It took all three of Taren's Athlons to just keep it from moving farther than a few feet.

Champion's non-dodgeball moveset is as follows:

  • Victory Blast

Champion, using his inner macho, charges up a chest blaster that fires a projectile shaped like a "V".

  • Victory Punch

Champion punches. Seriously, that's it.

  • Victory Rally

Champion charges forward and curls up into a ball, flying straight into his target.


Champ toy

Somewhat less macho.

  • Tobot Athlon Champion/애슬론 또봇 챔피언 (2016)
    • Accessories: stickers

Athlon Champion is formed by a white Alpha, light blue Beta and orange Theta, all of which now have metallic red stripes. Though he has some pretty good arm articulation, the legs are somewhat limited due to their inability to spread sideways, so poseability isn't perfect.

Mini champ

The rare tiny macho boi in its natural habitat.

  • Mini Champion

Like the rest of the mini combiners, Mini Champion is exclusive to Southeast Asian markets.

For some reason, there's no talk of this toy whatsoever online, save for a few Singaporean online shops that might sell it.









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