— Basically all of Magma 6's dialogue.
Athlon Magma 6 (마그마 6) is
Athlon Magma 6


 an extremely powerful, six-part integration of Kyle and Taren's Athlons, Alpha, Beta, Theta, Tornado, Valkan, and Rocky. Magma 6 is all about getting the job done. He moves slower than Champion , but his moves pack a serious punch. [1]


First appearence: Athlon Season 2 episode 9




The only real way to describe Magma 6 is... "volcano football gorilla combining robot". Magma 6 speaks very little, instead opting to speak the language of roaring and smashing things.


Much like the combiner Tobots, Magma 6's power varies depending on Kyle and Taren's synchronization. Though he's still pretty strong at minimum power, there's no stopping him when he reaches MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.

Magma 6's skillset is as follows:

  • Volcanic Dash

Magma 6 takes a three-point stance, at which point the exhaust pipes behind Rocky power up, initiating a powerful tackle.

  • Volcanic Strike

Magma 6 ignites his fists, brings them together, spikes twice, and then finishes with a spinning strike.

  • Volcanic Eruption

Magma 6 brings his arms together for a kamehameha flamethrower attack.

Interestingly, this move, and not the similarly named Volcanic Strike, is Magma 6's counterpart to Giga 7's Flame Strike.

  • Volcanic Core

Magma 6's finisher, involving the creation of a giant fireball.

This highly destructive fireball can be controlled in various ways via secondary commands, letting it u-turn or fly faster. Its most devastating command is the Perfect Circle, which causes it to loop around the enemy - should the target fail to catch the ball before it touches the ground, they'll be consumed by a massive surge of fire.


Athlon Magma 6 KR EN packaging

Note and ignore the cardboard shoulders.

  • Tobot Athlon Magma 6/애슬론 또봇 마그마식스 (2016)
    • Accessories: Magma Cannon, stickers

Magma 6 is formed by a yellow Alpha, green Beta, blue Theta, white Tornado, dark red Valkan, and cyan Rocky. The fully combined Magma 6 has varying levels of articulation in the head, arms, elbows, hands, waist, hips, knees, and ankles.

Mini MAGMA 6 1 800x

Smaller and angrier.
No really, his eyes are angrier on this one.

  • Mini Magma 6

Mini Magma 6 is a simplified, smaller version of Magma 6 that, like all of the other mini combiners, are exclusive to Southeast Asian markets. As a result of the simplification, Mini Magma 6 lacks articulation in various areas, most notably the hips, which have lost their forward motion.









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