Helping out isn't just about one person. Depending on and protecting one another is all there is to it. Yesterday, my friend, and today, myself...[1] whether you can or can't doesn't matter!
— Valkan and Tori
Caring and supportive boi

"Caring and supportive boi saves lives"

Athlon Valkan (애슬론 발칸/Athlon Vulcan), formerly Typhoon-2, is one of Taren Swift's three dodgeball Athlons, along with Tornado and Rocky. Valkan is shown to be overly cautious about various things - to the point where his Mind Core only activated because Taren was choking on his food - and his siren will go off whenever he believes that an emergency situation is at hand.

Valkan handles the power shots in Team Typhoon, using the water cannons embedded in his wrists to blast the ball at his opponents. He's also an honorary fireman, allowing him to roam the streets in his vehicle mode.


Voice Actor: Kim Dong-uk/김동욱, who previously voiced Mr. Holmes and Tobot V in Tobot and various extras in Biklonz (Korean), ??? (English), more...






Though he doesn't use it too often, Valkan's main weapon is the Aqua Jet, a water hose/rifle hybrid firearm that can be used to douse fires or deflect projectiles.

Valkan's moveset is as follows:

  • Aqua Cannonball

Valkan's signature move and primary dodgeball skill, formerly just Cannonball. Valkan launches the ball using his wrist-water cannon, causing it to fly towards the enemy at high speeds. When fired, the ball begins shaking violently, creating an illusion of multiple balls that confuses the target.

  • Aqua Fall

Valkan's secondary dodgeball skill. Though similar to Aqua Cannonball, Valkan supports the ball with a powerful stream of water instead.


  • Athlon Valkan/애슬론 발칸 (2016)
    • Accessories: Mind Core, Aqua Jet (labelled as "Aqua Cannon"), stickers
Caring and supportive boi toy

Valkan transforms in a similar manner to Alpha and has average articulation, though his arms can bend inwards due to his transformation. Like Alpha, pushing the back of his head releases a slot in his stomach that stores his Mind Core.

  • Mini Valkan/미니 발칸 (2016)

After trying the Minipop idea, Young Toys reverted to the standard mini robot designs for Team Typhoon. Mini Valkan's transformation is similar to his DX counterpart, though between the simplifications of the transformation and the differences in vehicle mode dimensions, his proportions are somewhat off.

A dark red Valkan forms the torso of Magma 6.





  • Valkan's mouth piece changes from red and yellow to entirely gold from episode 7 of season 2 onwards.
  • Like Beta, Valkan has been eliminated in every Robot Dodgeball match he's shown to have participated in.




  1. (referring to the person helping)

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