Athlons are the titular transforming robots featured in Tobot Athlon, created by Dr. Hughes. Much like the Tobots, they are built with a special Mind Core, but they have some notable behavioral differences that separate them from Tobots.


As a colleague of Franklin Char and Limo Kwon, Dr. Hughes worked with them to create the Athlons using the basic design of the Tobots, starting with Athlon Alpha, Athlon Beta, and Athlon Theta, who grew up with her oldest son Kyle Hughes as his companions. The key difference between the designs of the Tobots and Athlons is the smaller Mind Core, which is designed to be able to fit into a small minicar (that presumably holds the AI and memory of the Athlon), allowing the Athlons to detach themselves from their main bodies and hang around the house with the Hughes family.

During an unspecified time between the creation of the first three Athlons and the Tobot Athlon series, Dr. Hughes created Jango, Ambulan and Metron for robot sports athlete Nice Joe. Though the group clicked for a while, Nice Joe's obsession of victory caused his connection with the three to break permanently, deleting their existing memories.

Season 1 of Athlon shows three inactive Mind Cores. When Robot Dodgeball player Taren Swift joins Team Athlon and eats with them, however, they unexpectedly activate, and are inserted into the existing Typhoon-1, Typhoon-2 and Typhoon-3, becoming Tornado, Valkan, and Rocky.

Known Athlons

Combining Athlons

Athlon trios can combine with each other via a command from their pilots. As seen by Champion, combiners create a new personality by linking the existing Mind Cores together.

The two known Athlon combiners are both based on previous combiners from the Tobots.

Differences with Tobots

Though Athlons and Tobots are similar - similar enough for the international release to label all Athlons as Tobots, apparently - they do have their differences.

Design-wise, all Athlons have the previously mentioned smaller Mind Core and minicar, and they all have two blue eyes (pink in Theta's case) as opposed to the Tobots' visors. Additionally, instead of a (somewhat arbitrary) Tokey, the Athlons can transform with just the pilot's command, letting them do so even when their pilot isn't in the general vicinity and preventing situations like "oops i dropped my tokey and it landed on a police car which is now driving away".

Perhaps due to the fact that three Mind Cores are linked to the same person, Athlons show a good bit of more freedom when compared to the Tobots, who tend to stick to their pilots at all times. The key example is Valkan, who began working with Tori significantly more during the second half of Athlon season 2, working completely independently of Taren and also somehow ringing the doorbell of the Hughes' house??.

The one thing that Tobots have more freedom over than Athlons is using their special attacks. While Tobots are able to use any of the skills in their moveset sans transforming from a car to a robot or integrating, Athlons can only use their special moves via pilot command, so if they want to use an attack, they have to alert their pilot. The exception is when the pilot is in trouble, at which point Athlon Emergency Mode activates, letting the Athlons transform and use skills at will until the situation is resolved.

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