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"Amazing Spicy Tteok-bokki! "Silver Bracelet Taste!" "Abyss Taste!" "Crevasse Taste!" (literally translated)

Food by Fuse (어! 김떤순) is Tom Fuse's restaurant chain.



  • The romanized Korean name of the restaurant is "Oh! My Kim-Tteok-Soon". It was first dubbed as "Oh My RiCaSoon" before going with "Food By Fuse" in later dubs.
  • The Korean version's Food by Fuse involved a highly addictive substance labelled as "Bean Powder", which was used as an ingredient as Tom Fuse's plan to brainwash all the children of Daedo City. This was cut from the International English dub, likely due to possible connections to drugs. As such, Food by Fuse's original symptoms (shaking legs, drowsiness, laughter) went unexplained, and any talk of the plan was replaced with discussing the Tobot problem. (This also meant that Tom Fuse's song, which described the symptoms, was removed from the dub.)
  • Additionally, Food by Fuse and all of the restaurants mentioned in the Tom Fuse arc were originally Tteok-bokki restaurants, but were changed to noodle restaurants likely due to the fact that the snack is relatively unknown in English-speaking regions.




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