어! 김떡순 is a song in the Tobot cartoon, Korean Season 13, in which Tom Fuse explains his plan with his Food by Fuse restaurants.




Step One!

어! 김떡순을

한 달만 먹으면

하루종일 다리를

떨지 (덜덜덜덜덜~)

Step Two!

어! 김떡순을 두 달만 먹으면

하루종일 졸기만 하지


Step Three!

어! 김떡순을 석 달만 먹으면

하루종일 웃기만 하지 (Good~)

학교에서 집~에서 길거리에서


훤빈의 위대한 플랜 어! 김떡순

한번 먹어보면

자꾸자꾸 먹고 싶어이제

대도시의 모든 아이들은

내 말만 듣는 착한 아이가 될거야


어! (어묵!)

김! (김밥!)

떡! (떡볶이!)

순! (순대!)


English version

Step one!

Let me tell you of Oh My RiCaSoon

Eat for a month and your legs start to shake

Step two!

Oh, let me tell you of Oh My RiCaSoon; Eat for two months and you'll sleep all day long.

Step three!

What is so great about Oh My RiCaSoon?

Eat for three months and you'll laugh all day long (Good)

Have it at school or at home wherever you are

Come on now

You can't get enough of my Oh RiCaSoon

Take a bite and munch and

savor off all of it all day long

And then once they all do

the kids of Daedo City

will do as I say they're all helpless

I am the man


Oh! (Fish cake!)

Kim! (Kimbab!)

Tteok! (Tteokbokki!)

Soon! (Soondae!)


  • This song is removed from the US English dub, but the scenes in the sequence are re-written as a plan to open a Food by Fuse theme park.





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