Rock Pirates is a background theme of Athlon Season 3, composed by independent artist Pavel Kazankov, aka ebunny. It primarily serves as Athlon Jango's theme.


ebunny describes Rock Pirates as an "epic rock melody about pirates, heroes and sea adventures" with a "dramatic, heroic metal mood." The instruments listed are "clean guitar in intro, distorted guitars, hard rock drums, bass, [and] flute", and it is recommended for "trailers, films, [and] games."

In Athlon

Rock Pirates plays during most of Jango's transformations (the exception being when he's transforming with the others), or other moments where he is predominantly featured.

Rock Pirates was last played along with Fireball and HardRock Stuff during Ethan's team's three-part final attack.


  • Rock Pirates is one of many third-party songs that Retrobot incorporated into Athlon Season 3.
  • As the title suggests, Rock Pirates isn't a western theme, but a pirate tune. It's unclear why Retrobot decided to use it as Jango's theme.
    • ebunny has a long list of genres he likes to work with: Celtic, Irish, pirate, horror, Middle Eastern, Arabic, Folk, rock, metal... Notice the complete lack of anything along the lines of "western".
  • Rock Pirates is the only individual robot theme, across both Tobots and Athlons, that can be heard in its entirety online for free (see the Soundcloud link below). (or heard at all, in the Tobots' case!)


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