The Tobot Cartoon first premiered in South Korea on April of 2010. The series has since been translated in and aired in several Asian and European countries. The English version of Tobot was first broadcast in the United States in 2018.


Season 1

Ryan and Kory are twin brothers with one big secret: They’re Tobot pilots. As Daedo is threatened by a growing throng of villains, the pilots are thrust into the role of heroes. Highly advanced transforming cars, the twins must use their Tobots’ unique battling skills to protect the city. As the villains close in, Daedo hangs in the balance. [1]

Season 2

The Tobot pilots’ lives have returned to normal…until they meet the mysterious Sora. But there’s more than one culprit plotting revenge!

Another troublemaker’s planting his roots in Daedo; Tom Fuse. Determined to become the world’s most successful villain, he’ll stop at nothing. It’ll take everything the young Tobot pilots have to unite against Fuse’s latest masterpiece of evil technology.[2]

Season 3

The gang is stronger than ever with their new base, new Tobots and strong friendships. When a former colleague of Limo’s appears in Daedo however, chaos erupts! A power vacuum between villains results in even more trouble for the Tobots.

With Limo under suspicion, Team Tobot begins to questions their loyalties. Faced with new enemies and evil schemes, Daedo’s in more danger than ever. [3]

Season 4

With Mr. Holmes out of the picture, nothing remains in the way of Mr. Tower’s power grab. In full control of Daedo’s villainous operations, he sets in motion a massive underground digging operation to extract a massive reserve of gold nestled beneath the city. Mysterious sinkholes begin appearing all over town, and it’s up to the Tobots to solve the case.

With the help of Liam, a new Tobot pilot, and his dad Coach Kook, Team Tobot’s investigation leads the young pilots to the countryside, where the villains headquarter their operations. Out of Daedo City, the pilots are faced with new challenges in an unfamiliar landscape. With Mr. Towers always one step ahead, the Tobots will need to recruit new friends and fresh ideas to take him down.

Multiple attempts to foil Mr. Towers only spur his thirst for power and he triggers his master plan to take over the entire villain company. With him in control of the most powerful evil robot ever created, Team Tobot has no choice but to stop him once and for all. [4]



The Tobot series features 102 22-minute episodes in total which started airing in the United States in 2018.

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In April of 2010, Tobot premiered in South Korea. The series originally consisted of 392 5-minute episodes, which were later merged into 98 20-minute episodes. Later, another edit of series premiered consisting of an unknown number of 10-minute episodes. For the western adaptation by WildBrain, those episodes were edited to form 102 22-minute episodes.


Series's End

After five long years, the Tobot series was put on hold in 2015, while its sister show Biklonz was planned to end in 2016. This paved the way for the spin-off Tobot Athlon, which gained its own popularity. Unfortunately, Athlon also ended in 2017 after three seasons, and Young Toys and Retrobot ended their contract, therefore bringing all three to an early end.

The first half of 2018 went with no new products or announcements. Then in June, Young Toys announced Tobot V, made by a completely different studio in a completely different universe, whilst ignoring all the previous conventions, and therefore ruining Tobot forever. Thus, Retrobot fans were hit by a four-part yearly wombo combo of losing each of their shows and then coming face to face with V.

International Releases

The series has been translated into English, Chinese, Thai, Malay Bahasa, French, Russian, and possibly Italian and Turkish and other languages. There are two English dubs: An east Asian dub that aired 2014-2017, and an American version dubbed by Canada's Ocean Productions created in 2016-2018.

The French Youtube channel (TOBOT Français) was created on February 13, 2017, and the Russian channel (ТОБОТ) was created on February 5, 2018. From May 11, 2018, the episodes of the new English dub are being periodically uploaded to Tobot's official English YouTube channel.

English Dub

The first English dub allegedly recorded in the Phillipines was for the most part unchanged from the original, down to many unaltered Korean text and background references. The first two seasons can be watched on Tobot's main YouTube channel, along with Chinese, Thai, and Malay Bahasa Dubs. Cringe-worthiness is subjective.

However, Ocean Productions's Canadian American English dub of Tobot involves many, many alterations to the original story written by Retrobot, mainly the replacement of prominent Korean text, and the removal of many scenes. This may be due to time restraints, cultural differences, references to Korean media, the various inappropriate or mature themes that were part of the show, or other, unknown reasons.


Ryan and Kory's mother

Though a crucial part of the end of the Acnee arc, almost all mentions of Ryan and Kory's mother, who was killed in the accident involving Tobot Zero, are removed throughout the series. As an example, in Rooster Versus Roadster, Asher originally stated "You might see her as a dumb woman who can't speak Korean[5], but to Leila, she's a precious mother. You don't even have that kind of mother!" This was changed in the English dub to say "All you know how to do is play!", likely due to the original quote's... sensitive nature. Ryan and Kory's resulting reaction was also changed; while they could be heard crying in the Korean version, they were mostly just confused in the English dub.

The dub couldn't skim over the topic entirely, however, due to Acnee Accelerates and Roots and Reboots requiring it as a major plot point.

Food By Fuse

Main article: Food by Fuse


The English dub attempts to avoid explosions at all costs. This includes fire, missiles, time bombs... you name it. Resulting changes range from turning bombs into "cameras" or "Sonic Wave Boosters"(?) to cutting entire sections of battle scenes, most notably during the battle with the Fortressbot.


Dolly and Dylan

Dolly is shown to have a liking for Dylan on multiple occasions in the Korean version; all mentions of this were cut in the English dub for unknown reasons.


A lot of humor from Diluk involved references to Korean media, most notably Gag Concert; most of these jokes were replaced with more suitable jokes for English-speaking audiences.


For unknown reasons, all Tobot attacks with the word "Gun" or "Punch" were changed. These include:

  • Tobot Z's Spider Gun --> Spider Blast
  • Tobot Titan's Green Energy Punch --> Green Energy Pulse
  • Tobot Tritan's Super Punch & Super Spider Gun --> Super Blast and Super Spider Blast respectively
  • Tobot W's Ice Gun --> Frost Capture (as one of his moves was already named Ice Blast)
  • Tobot R's Water Shotgun --> Water Blast

Moves or weapons with other firearm-related names were changed as well, such as Tobot X's Power Revolver, which was renamed to the Proton Charger. This would also explain why Athlon Vulcan's name was changed to Valkan, as the former generally has connotations to machine-gun weaponry. Boxerbot's original name was also Punchbot before being altered.

Interestingly, Tobot Deltatron's moveset was unchanged, even though all of his moves are related to boxing - and therefore punching.









Trailer TOBOT S1

Trailer TOBOT S1



  5. It should be noted that Leila's mother is Vietnamese and actually has trouble speaking Korean in the original cut; this was removed in the dub. Consequently, Kory making fun of her name (Nguyễn) is changed to him complaining about her mixing up his order.

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