Athlon Tobot is a sports-themed spin-off series of Tobot set in the same universe. The first season first aired on SBS on March 24, 2016 and the second season on September 8, and the third season on March 23, 2017.


Season 1

Elementary school student and Robot Racing super-fan Kyle Hughes finally gets the chance to live out his dreams, and joins the League with Alpha, Beta and Theta— the three Athlons built by his mother, Dr. Hughes. 

Unfortunately he soon discovers that his former idol Mavrik Stone, famous Robot Racing Champion and media darling, is actually a super-villain responsible for the slew of rigged and sabotaged races that have been cropping up in the competition. Kyle is determined to protect the sport he loves and with the help of his family and his friend Tori Wade, he embarks on a mission to weed out corruption from the League and reveal Mavrik for the cheater he truly is. 

The best way for Team Athlon to do that? Make it as far as they can in the racing competition. [1]

Season 2

Team Typhoon, led by the talented but headstrong Taren Swift (something of a legacy in the Robot Dodgeball League due to his grandfather, Mr. Swift, being a founder of the sport), pairs up with Team Athlon in their search for a a mysterious villain within the members of the Robot Dodgeball League.

It’s not easy, but the two young pilots learn to work together and combine their respective strengths, and so do their Athlons! Dr. Hughes introduces integration technology to Alpha, Beta and Theta, who combine to form the impressive Champion. What’s more, Dr. Hughes outdoes herself and designs a six-part integration involving Kyle and Taren’s Athlons. Together, they form the massive and powerful Magma 6! [2]

Season 3

Ethan’s a boastful and confident boy whose curiosity often leads him to trouble. When he convinces his friends to enter what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, he stumbles across a trio of dusty, retired Athlons. 

Team Athlon makes it to the Finals and exceeds everyone’s expectations, crushing Baron Bach in the process. The Baron is unwilling to relinquish the title and accuses Ethan of cheating. Unfortunately for The Baron, Agent A-1 presents a mountain of evidence that proves Baron Bach is the culprit. A dramatic battle ensues, but Team Athlon emerges the victor, and as the new Off-Road Racing Champions! [3]





  • All the Athlons are referred to as Tobots in the English release, despite their inherent differences.












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