I am a strong and proud police officer...! I protect the people with all of my strength- *shuts down*
— A usual day for C., Plots and Pilots
Tobot c

Tobot C is Officer Hera Oh's partner Tobot. C is a law-abiding policeman, sometimes to a fault, and to the detriment of Officer Oh (especially in times of emergency and distress).

His main weapon is called the Hyper Vox, which makes use of sound waves. [1]


Voice Actor: 안효민/Ahn Hyo Min (Korean), Bill Newton (English)




Tobot C's personality somewhat differs between the Korean and English dubs. In the Korean dub, C can be seen constantly nagging Officer Oh about strictly adhering to the law, and clashes with her on occasion. In the English dub, he's considerably more cheerful and a bit more obedient to his pilot. Both versions follow the law to a T.



C has no combat weapon of his own, and instead uses various gadgets to fight his opponents. His standard equipment includes a searchlight and handcuffs.

C's skillset is as follows:

  • Hyper Vox

The front wheels angle towards the opponent and act as hypersonic speakers. Most of the time, the sonic blast must be transmitted by screaming through the tokey.

  • Hyper Smog

C launches a pair of smoke bombs, blocking the opposing enemy's vision.

  • Hyper Kick

C dropkicks his target, without any particular flashy effects.

  • Hyper Brake

As a car, C activates his brakes, acting as a powerful stopping force.



How many Korean kids have nostalgic memories(?) of this guy?

  • Tobot C/또봇 C (2013)
    • Accessories: Tokey, sticker sheet

Tobot C transforms into a Kia K3 2013 police car. The front has a dynamo wheel which makes sounds when pressed and rolled on the floor.

It is built with quite a bit of articulation in just about every area, much more so than most of the more recent Tobots. Unfortunately, he was also built with a lot of complex joints and frailty and is the reason why all of the newer Tobots are simpler in the first place. This particular toy is infamous for its difficulty and the number of times both parents and children have broken it while trying to make it work, to the point where it was actually shown in a special episode.

  • Mini Tobot C/미니 또봇 C (2014)

This simplified version of Tobot C was released with the first wave of mini Tobots along with Evolution X, Evolution Y, and W.

  • Tobot C model kit (2015)

A plastic model kit version of Mini Tobot C, along with model kit versions of the Evolution X and W, were mainly available in Korean brick-and mortar stores. It's essentially an exact replica of Mini Tobot C, meaning that (despite the instructions stating otherwise) it is able to transform into a car and a robot.

  • Tobot Quatran (2013)

Tobot Quatran features a scaled-down version of Tobot C with his blue parts swapped out with titanium gray. He forms the left arm of Quatran.





  • C is known amongst the Tobot fandom for the show's poor treatment of him, ranging from going through some questionable training with Y to fight the Octobot, only to have R take it out, to claiming to be able to withstand a battery drain only to collapse immediately after (note the quote above). Don't even mention the spin-off's new look for him.





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