Tobot Deltatron

Deltatron (델타트론) is a combiner formed from Tobot Adventure X, Tobot Adventure Z, and Tobot D, and uses boxing skills and is noted for its catchy, advertisement-like speech.




Tobot Deltatron KR packaging
  • Tobot Deltatron/또봇 델타트론 (2015)
    • Accessories: Power Gloves, Trailer, Stickers
Tobot Deltatron is formed from a white Tobot Adventure Z, a green Tobot Adventure X, and a red Tobot D. When not combined, Deltatron's Power Gloves can be stored on a trailer which can be towed by any of the three cars.

Tobot Deltatron Special Version promo
  • Tobot Deltatron Special Version/또봇 델타트론 스테셜 버전 (2015)
This non-transforming, super-deformed Deltatron is articulated at the head, elbows, wrists, torso, and hips, and has free-moving wheels. (Ironically, his larger toy doesn't have some of the points of articulation this figure has.) He was only available in Lotteria fast-food restaurants during May 2015, in which he could be bought for 19,000 KRW with purchase of a burger set, or individually for 22,000 KRW.

Mini Deltatron packaging
  • Tobot Mini Delatron
This simplified and scaled-down toy is only available in east-Asian markets. The transformation has been heavily simplified, compromising a lot of Deltatron's articulation - especially the arms, which lose all elbow movement. Only Z can tow the trailer.
Interestingly, the sticker sheets provided in the toy include the individual Tobots' names in Korean.