Tobot Giga 7
Towering justice, who dares to stand against me?
— Giga 7, Tobot English dub

Giga 7 (기가 세븐) is the 7-part integration robot that consists of Tobots X,Y, Z, D, K, T, and V. By far the biggest and strongest Tobot, he resembles a medieval knight and speaks in hyperbole, and boasts multiple weapons and skills like the Soul Blade, Flame Strike, Giga Falcon, and Giga Booster. [1]


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Those that stand in Giga 7's way shall fall like leaves! Such a pity.
— Giga 7

As a 7-part combiner, Giga 7's power is essentially unmatched as long as his Mind Power is kept up by his pilots. At maximum power, his strength, speed, and durability is raised to an unprecedented level; this is most prominently featured by the fact that he survived an explosion the size of a fortress.

Giga 7 is aided by his avian companion, the Giga Falcon, made from Adventure Y's auxiliary parts. Giga Falcon's main purpose is to rush through enemy projectiles, acting as Giga 7's main option of defense.

Giga 7's moveset is as follows:

  • Soul Blade
This blow leaves a deep scar in your heart... such a pity.
— Giga 7

Giga 7 initiates a cross slash with his arms. The power of the slash attack entirely depends on his Mind Power.

  • Giga Booster/윈드 버스터 (literally "Wing Buster")

Giga 7's command to take off into the air. Without enough Mind Power, he can only reach a low altitude. ...who knows why he needs a command to fly.

  • Flame Strike
You shall burn like fire but disappear without a trace... such a pity.
— Giga 7

Giga 7's finisher. Giga 7 charges up power with his hands, and unleashes a blue stream of fire. More Mind Power means more fire!

  • Fatal Gravity
Your hope shall vanish like dust... such a pity.
— Giga 7

Giga 7's other finisher. Its powerful nature requires all seven pilots to be in perfect sync, and even then he has a long charging period in which he is completely vulnerable (note that Giga Falcon attaches to his back during this sequence). As he charges, Giga 7 builds up a Spirit Bomb massive energy ball that he throws at the opponent, completely decimating them.


  • Tobot Giga 7/또봇 기가 세븐 (2015)
    • Accessories:
Giga 7 toy

  • Mini Giga 7 (2016)
    • Accessories:
Tobot Giga 7 mini toy

A simplified version released in foreign markets.









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