For as long as I have moving parts, I will never, ever, leave your side.
— Tobot X, Merging of Minds
Tobot X
Tobot X is one of the first Tobots created by Franklin Char, and Ryan's guardian robot. He normally assumes the shape of a car, but when activated with his Tokey, he transforms into a robot. He may be slower than Tobot Y, but his strengths are physical strength, loyalty, and perseverance.

Tobot X would later receive an Evolution, then an Adventure upgrade. In his original form, he can combine with other Tobots to form Tobot Titan or Tobot Tritan, and in his Adventure form, he forms part of Tobot Deltatron or Giga 7.


Voice Actor: 조호금/Jo Ho Geum (Season 1-2), 하룡이/Hal Yong-i (Season 3 onward) (Korean), Gyles Merton (English), more...



As a car, X's original appearance was that of a orange Kia Soul model, with the Tokey slot near the middle of his headlights.




X is known for his power, in contrast to Tobot Y's speed. As such, his attack prefix is "Power".

In his original form, X's main weapon was the Proton Charger/파워 리볼버 (lit "Power Revolver"), a (presumably six-barrel) energy cannon. Though he became weaponless after his Evolution upgrade, he was given the Power Toolkit in his Adventure upgrade, fitting him with an axe, a shovel (which has so far never been useful), and a grappling hook.

  • Green Energy Blast

X's only attack move in his original form and Great Tobot X mode. X fires an energy orb at the opponent with the Proton Charger; however his limited supply of Green Energy means that the move can only be used a limited amount of times before he reverts out of Great mode and/or the Proton Charger retracts.

  • Green Capture

X fires a laser beam that encapsules his target in an energy sphere. Though the move was exclusive to around two episodes, Tobot T's Terra Storm has a similar purpose.

  • Power Shield

Seemingly exclusive to the Evolution upgrade, X forms an energy barrier around himself and his allies. It's similar to Tritan's Shield-On and Y's Sonic Shield.

  • Power Throw/파워 해머 (lit "Power Hammer")

A one-use attack in which X throws an enemy hammer throw style.

  • Scissor Kick/파워 시저스 (lit "Power Scissors")

X's new attack in his Adventure upgrade. X jumps forward, grabs his target's neck with his legs, and throws it with immense strength.


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