You think disappearing forever is what's best for Ryan? I don't! If I even had a chance to see Kory again, then getting crushed into scrap metal won't stop me!
Tobot Y

Tobot Y (또봇 Y) is the the guardian robot Franklin Char created for Kory. His strengths include quick calculations and swift movement. However, because of his rash personality, he tries to take shortcuts, therefore clashing with the steadier Tobot X.

In his original form, Tobot Y can combine with X and Z to form Tobot Titan or Tobot Tritan

Tobot Y later receives an Evolution upgrade, then an Adventure upgrade. As Adventure Y, he takes over Tobot W's role in the skies, and is the first Tobot of his kind to have an airborne vehicle mode. Adventure Y can combine with the other Tobots to form Giga 7.


Voice Actor: 강기영/Kang Ki Young (Seasons 1-2), 이기호/Lee Kiho (Seasons 3-4), 신경선/Shin Kyoung Sun (Season 5 onwards) (Korean), Matt Hill (English), more...






Y's signature trait is his speed. He's generally been labelled as the fastest of the Tobots in the main series, even in his base form. As such, his attack prefix is "Sonic", though a few skills deviate from this.

Y is weaponless in his base and Evolution forms, but possesses an Airbag, which can be used for defensive purposes. In his Adventure form, his main propeller acts as the Sonic Blade, which acts as a shield.

Y's moveset is as follows:

  • Ultra Turbo/Sonic Turbo

Y's spurt skill that allows him to move at high speeds in his car form. In his base form, the Ultra Turbo drains a lot of energy and can render him completely motionless afterwards.

  • Sonic Stealth

Y turns invisible, letting him sneak up on enemies. It hasn't been used in Adventure mode, though there's no reason to believe that he can't actually use it.

  • Sonic Shield

Seemingly exclusive to the Evolution upgrade, Y forms an energy barrier around himself and his allies. It's similar to Tritan's Shield-On and X's Power Shield.

  • Thunderbolt

Y's main projectile move, added in his Adventure upgrade. The Sonic Blade collapses into just two blades and creates an energy bolt, which Y can throw at opponents.

  • Sonic Storm

Y unleashes a gust of wind from the Sonic Blade to clear away mist. It's quite like Titan's Hurricane Spin.


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  • In early episodes of Tobot, Y's cheek's were colored blue and the letter y on his waist was colored red. in later episodes featuring his original form, the y on the waist and his cheeks were colored orange.
  • Likewise, his evolution form was the same shade of blue as his original form when he first appeared in Korean season 6, but changed to cyan season 7 afterwards with no explanation. His first coloration may be seen on a few pieces of merchandise.




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