Tobot Z

Tobot Z (또봇 Z) is the Tobot given to Dylan by his father Limo. Using his advantages as an SUV, he can trek up mountainous terrains, in addition to other rough roads. He can combine with Tobot X and Tobot Y to form Tobot Tritan.

As Adventure Z, he continues to boast his SUV features, which include amphibious capabilities, and his ease in maneuvering mountainous and rough terrains. He can combine with other Tobots to form Tobot Deltatron or Giga 7.


Voice Actor: 이기호/Lee Kiho (Seasons 1-4), 신경선/Shin Kyoung Sun (Season 5 onwards) (Korean), Lee Tockar (English), more...






Tobot Z can reach up to 3,000 meters in altitude (about 9,840 feet) and 90 degrees latitude. In robot mode, the same altitudes can be achieved by jumping.

Z's main weapon is his Spider Gun (unnamed in the English dub), which mainly fires rubber band-shaped projectiles that wrap their targets in neon-green spider webs (this attack itself is called the Spider Blast in the English dub). The Spider Gun is kept in his Adventure upgrade, but he also uses the Spider Yo-Yo, which is mostly self-explanatory except for its high bludgeoning power, ricocheting potential, and usefulness as a grappling hook.

Z's moveset is as follows:

  • Spider Mode

Z's gear stick pulls into "D" and allows him to drive up walls; he's also been shown to be able to climb walls in robot mode. If needed, Z can activate a Turbo Boost to increase his speed.

  • Laser Net

Z fires a, well, laser net from his chest; this net can either close in on its target while still stuck to Z, or separate to act as an actual net. In the Adventure upgrade, due to the loss of the circular Laser Net launcher on Z's chest, the attack is used from the Spider Gun.

  • Spider Glue

A new projectile added to the Spider Gun in Z's Adventure upgrade. This sticky adhesive prevents targets from leaving the general radius of the attack.

  • Spider Strike/스파이더 펀치 (lit "Spider Punch")

Z throws a powerful energy uppercut; it's strong enough to one-hit knockout its target, if performed correctly.








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