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The robot that first went by the name Tobot Zero (Babot/바봇) was a prototype robot that Franklin and Limo made together. Though it was used by Limo to carry out his evil plans, it was destroyed at Booroong Motors carrying out its number one priority: protect human life.

After Limo's redemption, Zero was rebuilt as a tow truck, which Limo made into a Tobot. This steadfast Tobot does not have any offensive capabilities, but makes up for it in his protective spirit.


Voice Actor: 설재근/Seul Jae Geun (Korean), Peter New (English), more...

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I can't stop now. I'm a villain. And so are you. Zero, I'm giving you a new name. From now on, you're Babot.
Limo Kwon, Zero Story Episode 12, pre-season 1 flashback

After Zero failed to save his wife (among other people) in a fire, Limo began breaking down, believing that he had lost everything and that the world wasn't worth keeping, leading to his conversion into villainy. Zero, who had survived, began carrying out Limo's tasks, following his orders to the bitter end. Zero Story Episode 12

While rebuilding Zero, Dr. Wang, against Angela's orders, reactivated Zero with his memory still intact. Upon his revival, Zero's only interest was finding Limo, to Wang's frustration. Annoyed, Wang told Zero that Limo was gone, causing Zero to break out into rage, taking down the nearby Boxerbot in one fell swoop, and letting out an immense energy burst strong enough to tear through a truck and at least three brick walls.

Zero Story Episode 8




As a reformed Tobot, Zero is quiet and strictly follows Limo's orders. His speech pattern begins with a word that describes his next line, followed by the line itself.

It could appear that Zero was not built with combat programming simply due to his previous "life" as a villain robot, but Tobot: Zero Story reveals that Zero has pacifist programming for a very good reason.

In essence, Zero's lack of combat capabilities is because he strictly protects his owner and only his owner, and thus could potentially cause chaos if he was allowed to fight. This issue is likely caused by his Mind Core being a prototype of the later, complete Mind Cores that are used by the Tobots and Athlons, which are highly sensitive to heartless usage.



Zero is not programmed to fight, though he can support his allies when needed. Instead, his expertise lies in repairing machinery, being able to fix any and all parts.Zero Story Episode 6


  • Tobot Zero/또봇 ZERO (2014)
    • Accessories: crane, silver wrench Tokey, clear wrench Tokey, stickers

Tobot Zero transforms into a licensed Kia Bongo 3 tow truck. The toy has a dynamo generator wheel which makes lights and sounds when pressed and rolled on the floor. One of the Tokeys can be stored on the back of the truck.

This toy was later redecoed into Tobot V Rescue Zero.

  • Mini Tobot Zero/또봇 미니 ZERO (2014)
    • Accessories: hook, stickers

Part of the second wave of Tobot Minis, this is a simplified version of Tobot Zero. So simplified that he doesn't have forward arm movement, so you're limited to making Mario poses. The hook cannot attach to his arm, but on the back.





  • Babot is a play on the Korean word "바보" (babo) meaning "idiot". Of course, that name wouldn't fly overseas and would be renamed Tobot Zero in the English dubs.
  • It's hard to tell whether Babot was supposed to be the prototype's official name in the first place. He's often called Zero in Season 1, and is only called "Babot" by Diluk when he insults him for fleeing ("이 바보 바봇!" lit "You stupid Babot!"). It's entirely possible that the fanbase and Retrobot found a liking to the name and it just stuck.



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